Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Liquid Health Nutrition

I recently came across the most amazing product, which has had a profound influence on my brain clarity and energy levels. My 'baby brain' seems to be a thing of the past! The product is Body Balance from Life Force International. This liquid whole-food supplement is a combination of 9 sea vegetables and Aloe Vera: packed with minerals and spectacularly available to our body's cells. Click here to find out more info.

2013... Back to work

2012 was filled with baby, baby, baby! Kiran Louis was born on Valentine's day 2012 and has been a little smiley baby since then. I am thrilled that I'm finally getting more sleep and feeling capable of stringing a sentence together! With my new energy and verve I am starting back at work. At present I am working from home, slowly but surely re-connecting with the work that I love best! Hope you all have a fabulous new year, filled with exciting journeys, abundant health and lots of fun.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just moved to Melbourne

We have recently (with in the last 3 weeks) moved to Melbourne. On a personal note, this is very exciting seeing as we now have a house with a garden (and fruit trees), so there is plenty of space for all of us to spread out and run around! It is so different from Sydney and I am taking some time to acclimatize to the cold as well as the flat-ness of the city. Living in suburbia is quite a new sensation and I miss the beach and the nature reserve desperately. I am planning to be working soon as an OT and as a BodyTalk therapist, so will keep every one posted as things get under way!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Melbourne Workshops

I am putting on my other hat, as 'creative workshop facilitator' as we head down to Melbourne for the next few days.

Gary Friedman, Master puppeteer and myself are teaming up once more, to conduct 2 workshops. Click here for a video experience at primary schools, here for high schools and here for university workshops. The first will be a 2 hour workshop on Thursday, 14 October at the InSEA conference providing visual arts educators with a taste of our work.

The second is a full day
'World of Paper' Creativity Workshop on Saturday, 16 October from 9am to 5pm. The workshop will take movement and story telling to the most elaborate ends. Our work using paper puppetry is designed to activate the brain, tantalize the senses to enable creative thought and performance at participants' peak ability. This workshop is ideal for teachers, university students, professionals, therapists, creatives and lion tamers. Places are $150 (all inclusive) and limited so if you are keen to join us, call The Book Affair now to reserve your place: 03-9347.3542 Look forward to having you join us for a wildly creative day!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We have just had a fabulous 4 day workshop here in Sydney, with Rosilyn Kinnersley (Victoria BT Instructor). The best part of having run this course in our home turf is that I now have BodyTalk trainees that can work on me!!!! How good is that...
It is fantastic that the BodyTalk population is increasing and that we will be able to spread our good work through this lovely city.
Contact me if you would like to experience a session or are interested in training.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

BRAIN GYM Workshop: 14 March

I am running the next Brain Gym workshop on 14 March 2010. I am being hosted by the Australian College of Kinesiology Mastery. This one day workshop is aimed at Kinesiology students, teachers, parents and all those interested in achieving optimal learning and body-brain activaton. Click here for workshop details. Enrol using this registration form.

MODULE 1 & 2: BODYTALK in Sydney

5-8 March 2010: Fantastically, I have the opportunity to bring BODYTALK MODULE 1 & 2 to Sydney. Rosilyn Kinnersley a Victorian BodyTalk practitioner and Instructor is coming up to run the course. We are being hosted by Australian College of Kinesiology Mastery in Crows Nest. Click here for registration details. Learn more about the Bodytalk sessions, here. Have a look at some BodyTalk videos, here.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Next Access Course

The next Access course will be held on the 22 of November, 2009.
The venue will be at my offices in Randwick:
Level 4 Wales Medical Centre
66 High st

Cost of the 1-day course is $180, including manual, certificate, teas and snacks.
Time: 9:30-5 pm
I am excited to be running the course in the Eastern Suburbs. For the first time it will be really easy to have consistent practice sessions close by to where I live. I believe that will make a world of difference to every one practicing and incorporating this work into their lives.

BodyTalk at the Mind Body Spirit Festival

Once again, November is around the corner, and so is the Mind Body Spirit Festival (5-8 Nov). BodyTalk will once again have a stand to promote this fascinating and profound work. The public will have the opportunity to experience first hand Access treatments, have all their questions answered and book into our next 1 day BodyTalk Access workshop (22 Nov). This year, we have an exciting new tool to show-case the effectiveness of the BodyTalk treatments. We have bought a state of the art Prognos machine which will be used to scientifically plot pre- and post- treatment energy levels. The machine will be available at the expo as well as at future workshops. Once you have seen the difference in your energy, you will be hooked on BodyTalk forever!

BodyTalk interview answers questions

Please consult the PureCalma Website, and find a comprehensive BodyTalk interview here. Many basic questions about the BodyTalk system, treatments and outcomes will be answered.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bodytalk at the Natural Health Conference and Expo

Please come visit the BodyTalk stand at the Natural Health Conference and Expo, taking place at the AJC Convention Centre, Randwick, Sydney, 2-4 September.

The Natural Health Conference and Expo is Australia’s foremost trade event for complementary healthcare professionals, naturopaths, beauty therapists, pharmacists and health food retailers.

An integral part of the event this year is the two-day conference with four different topics covered extensively:
  • Fertility – Gabriela Rosa, Zac Bobrov, Cassandra Woolett
  • Allergies/Colds - speakers include Christine Houghton, Daniel Baden, Shazar Robinson, Nadine Ferlan
  • Cancer – Jennie Burke, Dr Karen Bridgman. Annie Wiseman
  • Menopause – Brad McEwen, Dr Ghosh, Dr Wachasundar

Baby Bliss

Well this year has certainly been the most exhilarating experience! Having a baby has definitely challenged me in so very many ways, and this is just the beginning! Idan was born on the 12th of April, and is healthy, strong and full of laughs and smiles... we are truly blessed! I have started working again, so if you are interested in continuing your sessions, or starting up on a journey, working with one of the most exciting healthcare systems around... please contact me, here or call me 0405 026 183.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


How exciting!!! It is almost palpable.. The time is coming near for us to bring my baby into the world... Can't wait! I have been blessed with the most gorgeous pregnancy: Health and good spirits throughout!! VIVA pregnancy VIVA!!
Look forward to bringing you all some pics once he has joined us.
For any of those 'facebook' junkies, Gary has been putting up pictures on my profile so have a look at my belly... I guess that is not terribly professional, but what the hell... might as well spread the love and blessings
...Till we meet in cyberspace again...
love sharon

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year and De-stressing for the year ahead!

Happy, Happy New Year and may this year bring everyone great happiness, health and wealth!

On Thursday 29 January, I will be presenting at the Wholistic Business Network: Demystifying the physiology behind stress in our brain and body; as well as teaching one of the most powerful tools to de-stress the brain and reset the survival-fight-flight mechanism.

The evening plans to be both informative as well as a super way to meet like-minded, enthusiastic entrepreneurs, all working together for a healthier and more creative community here in Sydney.

There will be other speakers as well on the night, so come along and join in the fun!
Click here for details about the night... See you there!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

International BodyTalk Conference held at Gold Coast, Australia

Well I have recently come back from a fabulous few days at the first Australasian Members and Instructors BodyTalk Conference! Thank goodness John and Esther Veltheim (Founders of the BT System) saved us the trip to the States earlier this year and offered 'Down Under', our very own grand experience!

I was once again thrilled to be meeting up with John and Esther, a dynamic duo- filled with great insight into the latest developments in Energy Medicine and Philosophy.

We also had some fabulous speakers giving us new ideas into working with breaking down belief systems and emotions that tend to rule our reactions to the outside world; Body Talk with animals; BT in drug rehab as well as marketing advise. John gave us the latest research into epi-genetics and our ability to shift genetic tendencies. 2009 presents with opportunities to implement a great many research projects around the world, highlighting the effectiveness of the BT System. Esther worked with us on highlighting and breaking down our own preconceived judgements and survival-based reactivities.

The instructors meeting was very beneficial in gaining greater consistency with in our courses and highlighting changes to enhance our course work and presentations.

All in all it was fabulous to meet up with my colleagues from national Australia and NZ and continue networking to make BodyTalk in Australasia a significant force to be reckoned with in the health care and personal development industry.

Here John and Esther are enjoying my growing babe!